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Winter on the Allotment


Although Winter is still with us, Spring is beginning to show herself through the snowdrops, daffodils, and crocus pushing through the soil and flowering – oh and not forgetting the first signs of edibles – wild garlic!  I’ve been busy most weekends on my plot, digging over beds, preparing them with manure, and building new – wonky raised beds.

I take lots of photographs of the plot so I can reflect on my progress, particularly the things I’ve planted.  I fretted throughout January because the garlic I planted before Christmas wasn’t showing, but over the last week the green shoots have grown by about 5 cm.

I’ve not started sowing seeds yet but I thought I would share some photographs from the plot.

14 January 2017

14 January 2017

4 February 2017

Perfect Spring-like day 4 February 2017

First wild garlic

First wild garlic

18 February 2017

New ‘wonky’ raised beds 18 February 2017

Garlic 18 February 2017

Hope in the form of garlic shoots 18 February 2017

Snow drops

Snow drops

19 February 2017

More raided beds required but running out of wood 19 February 2017

19 February 2017

19 February 2017

19 February 2017

How did your allotments fair after storm Doris?  On first inspection I was overjoyed to see my greenhouse was still standing, but then I noticed everything was not quite as it should seem.  It appears Doris – the love – pushed the front of the greenhouse, which exploded (or that’s what the debris looked like) three panes of glass from the rear.  One piece of glass was on the neighbours plot 3-4 meters away.

Happy allotmenting

J x



  1. wow it really looks like you have been busy, well done with wild and tame garlic! it is all beginning to look like a proper allotment and hopefully a better size for managing

  2. I’ve got to make a start on the Allotment soon after doing nothing since Christmas, first job is to clean and repair the greenhouses. Your garlic and raised beds are coming along nicely. Have you planned what you are going to grow this year?

    You maybe able to get replacement pains of glass from your local glass merchant. First I would try and square up your greenhouse on it base, however, you will need help with this.

    • I haven’t made plans as of yet but have lots of seeds and have planned beds based on 4 crop rotation so I know where things are going to go. I tried moving the front a little and put a stake in to hopefully prevent it moving more.

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