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November on the Allotment

Its November already and although its the time to start planning for next season on the allotment, there is still a variety of produce to be harvested, including kale, chard, beetroot, and cabbage.  On Sunday I was chatting with someone about growing potatoes in bags, and the next minute I was holding a handful of perfect spuds – not one had been nibbled!  The willingness of allotment holders to share their produce with you is a wonderful example of community spirit.


I also share my produce with slugs and woodlice!  These multi-coloured beetroots are covered in deep craters but are still edible. I very happy they survived the slug invasion, as they were wonderfully sweet and earthy when roasted with garlic.

fullsizeoutput_1641I set myself one task this weekend, to plant garlic.  It was bitterly cold, and the first time  I’ve felt icy cold in a long while, it was glorious! I really like to be outside as much as possible during the darker month.  Being office bound Monday to Friday I’m desperate to be outside on the weekends – rain or shine.


Even though I’ve reduced the size of my plot, I’ve still laid it out to incorporate a four stage crop rotation.  This weekend I prepared the first of the raised beds to include alliums and roots.  I filled it with  a rich compost and manure mix, and planted out 24 White Solent garlic cloves and 6 Elephant garlic cloves.  The White Solent were planted 15 cm apart, in rows 30 cm apart (each row included 5 cloves).  The Elephant garlic was planted 2 to a row, 30 cm apart as they are much larger. Job done!

The next few weekends I am going to be busy having a social life – ha – so I am not going to get much of a chance to visit the allotment.  I’m hoping for some rain – and lots of frost to help the garlic grow.

Hope you are enjoying this tine of year as much as I am.



  1. Brambles & Twine says

    Good luck with the Garlic. Mine has rooted but doesn’t seem to be growing upwards haha. I must learn patience. Being office bound myself Mon to Fri I totally get the need to be outside. One day I shall have a shed then I doubt I’ll be home much haha x

    • Mine is not showing either – gardening should teach us patience!! A shed was a great gift. I do spend to much time sitting in it drinking tea. I got to the allotment this weekend the first time in a month – It was great!

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