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Books, notes books, and more books

Hello its Jo from Plot 76

I have a question!  What are your favourite allotment, or fruit and vegetable growing books and why?  Or do you find you rely on the internet for all your grow your own queries?  Also how do you record what you are growing?

My favourite book at the moment is River Cottage Handbook No. 4, Veg Patch.  I like it because it’s a quick go to reference guide, with un complicated instructions/explanations, great photo illustrations, and I can read it on a cramped train.  Also I’ve chosen to follow the four-bed rotation as laid out in the book.

I use a notebook on the allotment to record seed sowing, planting, the weather and how things are growing.  Its mud splattered, and crinkly from regularly getting wet, but its turing out to be a great record for what I’ve done.





  1. This is so weird! I’ve literally just done a new blog post about the books I’ve just picked up at a BookCycle event! What did I get…you guessed it…river cottage – veg patch 👏 I haven’t read it from cover to cover yet, just a little flick through. I’m glad it’s a good one, can’t wait to read it now 😀

  2. jennyhud says

    For a reference guide I use a book from my vegetable production class from college: Knott’s Handbook for Vegetable Growers by Donald N. Maynard and George J. Hochmuth. For record keeping I use a spreadsheet system that I posted a link to on my blog. I’ve been using it for 3 years now and kind of feel lost in the garden without it. Will have to check out River Cottage as well. Happy gardening!

    • Thanks for the book recommendation. I like the idea of a spread sheet to record everything, I will definitely read through your posts. I’ve just made a long hand list of each plant by type, and their sowing season. I’m going to stick this in my shed.
      Happy gardening too

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