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Sunny day in February: Sow dig cover

My perfect Sunday – A lie in, followed by a correctly packed allotment bag (correctly, ie not forgetting either my flask, sandwiches, tea bags or milk – it happens), a sunny dry day, the perfect soundtrack (or quiet), followed by a hot bath.  The day should also be interspersed with lots of tea.  Tick tick tick!!!

I headed down to the allotment about 11:00.  It was a bright but slightly hazy day, I could feel the sun on my knees – I’ve been so cold over the last few weeks, this was the perfect tonic.  The ground was still frozen but also squidgy, so I had to be careful not to heavy foot it over the beds and damage the soil.  My list of things to do included: tidy up, remove the last of the plants not growing, cover up one of the wildly over-grown beds, sow some seeds, and attempt a bit of digging.  Again tick tick tick!

Things are slowly growing.  The garlic and shallots I planted last year, are beginning to show green shoots.  The soil looks quite wet in these photographs, but its only on the surface.  I did some rough digging, and the soil was quite dry after 2cm , so I still have hope for these.  I have some more shallots I might plant along with my onions, just in case.

Last year I planted a globe artichoke, but I put it in the wrong place.  They need at least 45cm to a meter around them.  I will move this once the frosts have ended.  I took a peek and three lovely new shoots have appeared.  I will keep this plant covered in fleece until I chop it up move it.  I’ve also planted some new seeds.

My last task was to sow broad beans and leeks.  The last few years I tried dwarf broad beans, but not had much luck.  This year I am trying Bunyards Exhibition – wish me luck.

All in all I feel am in the best position Ive ever been in, in the 3 years of allotmenteering.  I’m starting the growing season with prepared beds, a good seed staring place and a shed – roll on 2015!


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