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Blue skies and sparkly frost

I awoke to blue skies and the promise of all day sun, but it wasn’t until I left home I realised the ground was covered in a thick sparkly white frost.  I headed down to the allotment with a flask of hot water for tea, chicken and potato soup, and a bucket full of kitchen waste for the compost heap.  The sun was bright and low on the horizon, creating long shadows across the plots, highlighting green cages covering brassicas.

My little patch was frozen solid.  So there was no real hope of completing rough digging over a vegetable bed.  I pottered about for an hour or so, and harvested some thyme, rosemary and sage as well as Russian kale, chard, perpetual spinach and dandelion roots.  I will use all of these when cooking Sunday lunch.

I plan to roast potatoes along with some mini squashes grown on the plot with rosemary and thyme, and roast the dandelion roots, which should be nice and sweet, with home grown garlic.  I have an abundance of dandelions growing on the plot so it only makes sense to put them to good use.  Dandelion and dock roots are best eaten between late autumn and early spring, before and after the plant has finished flowering and turns its attention back to the roots.

Although I didn’t get much done I sat on the step of my shed, basked in the winter sun whilst eating soup, and daydreaming about what 2015 might bring.  The weather was so lovely, it really lifted my spirits after a week cooped up in a basement office.


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  1. ajcurtis says

    Yes, that reminds me I need to try and get the allotment next weekend and finish the raised beds.

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