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A winter blanket for an artichoke

Its been too wet to dig at the allotment over the last month, so I’ve sorted plant pots by size and shape and decided I have too many, and I moved all the garden tools to the new shed, but that’s about it.  This November I had intended to burn brambles and woody garden rubbish, move an old compost bed and spread the contents onto the vegetable beds, plant onions, garlic, broad beans and strawberries.  But it rained, and rained some more and then a bit more and now the ground is sodden.  At this point rather than stressing its good to remember the mantra – we can not control over mother nature.

I did get one little allotment task completed though.  After the first frost the other week I knew I needed to protect perennial vegetables and plants as soon as possible.  I have one artichoke plant and its in the wrong place..  It’s giant leaves cover a meter diameter so it shouldn’t be crammed into a tiny spot.  I’m going to move it in the spring and create a designated artichoke bed.  I am hoping wrapping it in fleece will protect it over the winter.  I chopped the remaining leaves and popped them in the compost heap.  I then wrapped the plant in a few layers of fleece and secured it with twine.

The weather has been rather grey here.  Today it felt as if it was beginning it get dark about 2:30.  I do like to be outside as much as possible this time of year, I don’t mind the bleakness if my boots are covered in mud, and I have a flask of tea.


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