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The (nearly) new shed…too excited!

Ah shed dreams.  We are lucky to be allowed to have sheds and greenhouses on our allotment, as many urban sites don’t have the space or authority.  A shed is so many things to an allotmenteer, a shelter from the endless rain, a place to keep a million pots, tools, and things you need to keep dry, but most importantly its somewhere to rest and make a much-needed cup of tea.  The reality is new sheds are expensive – very expensive, and if you add the cost of a new shed to all your other costs including high rents, seeds, and other little expenses which can arise from having an allotment it becomes less and less economical and more of an indulgence.

I’ve wanted a shed from the moment I first took on a plot in 2010 – It seemed to be a part of allotment identity.  I’ve advanced from keeping tools in a cold-frame, to inheriting a cupboard like shed when I graduated to a full plot, to finally getting a ‘proper shed’.

When the day arrived I was very exited.  My lovely second-hand shed cost £50 and included a comfy chair, a step-ladder, some roofing felt and bitumen, and the odd useful tool.  Our allotment secretary dismantled it and moved it to my plot (for which I am very thankful), and after I laid its foundations, Dad helped put it up.  It’s a good quality shed and would have cost a few hundred pounds new.  It’s little window was smashed in by vandals before I bought it so I will need to make a new window frame, and we had to re-felt the roof but it’s practically perfect!

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  1. ajcurtis says

    Ah there’s nothing like a shed when it’s raining, However I would recommend a few little extras that will make all the different like a stove cups and kettle plenty of coffee and cake and a nice comfy seat…

    • I agree – I will have to look out for a stove and kettle in the new year. I also would like some fold up chairs so I can share tea and cake with (working) guests!!!

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