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Calendula in October is a joy to see

October on my allotment is one of contrasts.  The Calendula is finally flourishing, my best tomato crop of the year is a green, and my squash are ether undersized or blue!

I spent the day digging up lovely flowers – I felt a pang of guilt for each plant I pulled out of the ground, but they had to go.  I am finally getting a full-sized shed.  I emptied the greenhouse of tomatoes, and moved it to its new spot.  I plan to make a green tomato chutney with my haul.  My faithful cupboard will have to go, as I can only have one shed!!

The soil on the plot is not very fertile, so as I remove this seasons veg, I will prepare the soil with manure, mulch and compost.  About three weeks ago I sowed a mixed green manure where the potatoes and onions once were.

I’m saving as many seeds as possible.  These pink beans are celebration runners, which I hope to grow again next year.  I’ve also collected evening primrose and St John Wort for the herb bed.  Last week I moved some herbs to a new herb bed.  Autumn is the time to harvest roots so I’m drying elecampane and vervain root.  Elecampane smells delicious – vervain not so much.


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