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February hope

What a contrast in the weather this weekend.  One day it was very cold with icy rain and a wind that could blow you over, and the next lots of sun and at one point temperatures reaching 7 degrees apparently!  I spent both days on the allotment digging away and I feel better for it.

On Saturday I really wasn’t prepared for the cold weather.  Once home it was a good few hours before I defrosted – which is not very clever!  At one point I jumped in my shed (the cupboard) to get out of the rain.  I forgot my teabags – hot water just doesn’t do it – to find on Sunday they were in the cold frame!  I need to remember be better prepared!

The best parts of the day were meeting the blackbird who visits the compost heap  – he came by on Sunday too.  The compost heap is full of rotting apples covered in peck marks. He appeared to be watching me whilst I was hiding in the shed – he didn’t seem that impressed with the rain either! And the super huge rainbow – I couldn’t capture its full arch but it was very special.

On Sunday I was better prepared and wore thermals, remembered the teabags, and my wooly hat!  I spend the first few hours digging until my back said – no more thank you.  I was hoping to finish this bed but it took a lot longer than I anticipated.  I am such a slow digger, I imagine most people would have completed this task in a day.  I filled two truggs with weeds which I am going to compost down separately to my other compost.

I also planted the raspberry (Autumn Bliss) canes.  I’m hoping they are going to be ok as the ground on this side is so wet.  As I split some of the plants up I had some spare canes which were showing signs of growth – I’ve potted these up until the ground is a bit drier and I can add another row of raspberries and blackberries.

It’s lovely to see things starting to grow and in flower.  I started a hyacinth bulb just before Christmas and had completely forgotten about it.  I retrieved it from my airing cupboard and the water was warm from its growth.  I have a lovely orchid gifted to me some years ago – every January/February it flowers – today the first flower began to open – I know nothing about orchids but this one likes it to be cool and left to its own devises.

Lets hope next Sunday is like today!


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