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Allotment relocation relocation relocation

I’ve spent the last two weekends relocating plants, raised beds, compost bins, water butts and a shed to my new allotment plot with a huge helping hand from mum and dad and fellow allotmenteers.   We got so much done last weekend when really we were supposed to be decorating my bathroom, but who wants to decorate when you can spend the day outside digging and replanting.

On Thursday I met one of my new neighbours.  She gave me such a warm welcome, and a lovely hot cup of tea to boot.  We spent the day moving the big stuff, doing a bit of digging – planting strawberries, and laying out a new area for compost bins, and a free standing water butt.  Now I have the space I will be composting all my weeds, as it’s impossible to get rid of weeds any other way in Birmingham without a car.

On Friday Dad and I moved the shed.  We managed to balance it on a wheelbarrow and move it to the other end of the site.  A few wiggles and bangs with a hammer and the shed was in place.  It was too wet to dig after a night of rain so I sorted through all my pots and trays, fleece, and netting, its amazing how much stuff you accumulate.

The next day we were back again to move more plants, wood chip and raised beds.  It was a wet day and a tough job.  Thankfully a fellow allotmenteer gave us a hand and a welcomed cup of tea in his spacious shed when the rain was at its worst.  I planted the Brassica in an existing Brassica bed.

The following weekend it was left to me to move the rest of the plot over.   Saturday was the Winter Solstice, I enjoyed spending the day outside contemplating spring.   I planted some more strawberries and dug over the area where I’ll plant raspberries.  Digging is not ideal when it’s so wet, but I wanted to get as much as possible in the ground before Christmas.  The Brassica I moved last week looked ok, two plants were a little droopy so only time will tell.

Another night of heavy rain, and the ground was sodden.  With a helping hand I moved my compost bin – I think I’ve now turned it!?  There was a lack of composting technique with this years green waste, so some bits had broken down nicely and others were a tangled mess.  This Christmas I will have to read up on composting techniques.

Again the ground was too wet for digging, but this was my last chance to relocate the garlic.  They drooped as soon as I pulled them out of the ground.  They’ve been planted amongst the strawberries, not ideal but its worth a try – I did pay for them after all.  I left the plot mid afternoon, after a little bit of hail and cold cold rain.  It’s a great end to a year of allotmenteering.  I am looking forward to next season.  Merry Christmas.


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