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Woodbrooke’s medicinal herb garden

I’m quite excited about my new allotment plot.  I want to do a few things differently now I have a nice flat piece of land.  One of my intentions is lay out a formal medicinal herb garden.

IMG_9430Earlier in the year I visited Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, once the home of George and Elizabeth Cadbury.  The grounds to the house are stunning, but one of my favourite parts was the walled garden.

The walled garden is home to an amazing herb and vegetable garden.  When I visited in August the bees were going crazy, the whole place hummed.

The garden included this rather lovely plan.  The central area is the style of layout I would like to achieve on my plot.  I definitely want lots of lavender, I might plant an apothecary rose in the centre.  It also looks to be quite a simple construction.  I already have some large raised beds, and I can use bricks and large rocks/pebbles from my previous plot to create curved edging.






  1. What a gorgeous magical garden and a fantastic plan. I want to expand my herb growing this year and there’s tons of ideas here to borrow. Noticed that Woodbrooke offer B&B-feel a midlands garden visit coming on! Lovely pics.

  2. Teufelskunst says

    Wonderful idea and space to work with! Will be following your progress with this treasure 🙂

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