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A morning’s digging

I’ve just got back from the allotment.  I spent the morning measuring up my new plot and rough digging over the first bed.  The plot is pretty big its measures 27.30 m x 8.60 m.

The previous owner had crops planted last season so I will be planning crop rotation.  This first bed measures 3.80 m x 4.60 m and contained brassicas so I will either plant carrots, beetroot, peas, beans etc or potatoes and squashes.

This patch took a couple of hours to rough dig over.  On my old plot it would have been a couple of days work.  Left to mother nature, and a few ground frosts these big clumps of soil will break down nicely.  I can then folk it over, and it will be much easier to remove weedy roots.

Next steps

  • Buy some graph paper to plan the plot layout.
  • The committee is keen to clear my old plot, so I need to start moving things over
  • Clear some of the large plant rubbish and cutting which were left behind
  • Make a compost heap from the pallets left on my old plot
  • Start making allotment cake!


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