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A new allotment plot

Wow its all change on the allotment front.  On Sunday I began the slow task of relocating to another allotment plot.  When it was first suggested I was hesitant due to the amount of work I had put in, but I reluctantly put my name on the list.  As soon as I clapped eyes at the alternative I said yes straight away.

Compared to the plot I’ve struggled with for the last few years, this one fills me with hope.  I’m right at the heart of the allotment, surrounded by people who know what they are doing.  Once I’ve completely moved over they will overhaul my old plot, level the ground and sort the path boundaries.

This doesn’t mean I get off lightly – my neighbouring plots are neat and well maintained – I’ll have to be courteous and keep up my end of the deal.

I’m now sat on my sofa surrounded by allotment books, and planners. I can’t wait to get back down there – please please don’t snow on Friday!


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