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First steps when taking on an allotment

Aside from the rubbish my predecessors left me, they also left two large strawberry beds and, fingers crossed, some asparagus, although I’ll have to wait until spring to see if anything grows.  I’ve also acquired enough scrap wood to build a small shack, and three massive raised beds made from scaffolding planks.  Oh and lots of wood chip – I think enough to cover the bottom of my plot or the whole of the shared path on the left side.

I  began digging on the second half of the plot this weekend.  I had hoped to strim the whole lot first but the last few weekends of rain meant I didn’t achieve this.   I’m going to move the existing raised beds  and paths as they don’t make the most of the space.  Today I’ve dug over two old raised beds.

Allotment wish list

  • a wheel barrow
  • kettle and gas stove
  • something to sit on
  • a lift to the skip!

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