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It’s a bit wild on allotment plot 2.2

Well I did it – I am now officially the owner/renter of a whole allotment plot! My other half is wild, full of rubbish, with monster docks and prickles, but on the positive side, I have a shed, the parts of a larger compost bin, two water butts, and some more strawberries! Oh and I’m also on the committee??!?


The whole plot back in 2010.

We were discussing the state some allotment plots given to newbies.  Originally I took on the bottom half  back in 2010, about the same time as my neighbours.  It was tough work digging it over, but very rewarding.  Many people give up  after a few digging sessions.  In the olden days councils would rotovate a disused plot before a new tenant started, but I’m quite glad I didn’t have that choice – I’ve too many docks, and if you chop a dock in half you have two!

I would love to hear from people – what condition was your allotment in when you took it on?


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