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Changing seasons – winding down

This time of year allotments can appear much more manageable!  Your summer veg and fruit are nearly finished – although it’s not quite the last of the courgettes, and the weeds seem to be relaxing a little letting the bare earth show again – they’re actually sending their energy to their roots and getting ready to overwhelm you again next year if you let them!

So this is not the time of year to be complacent, trust me I’ve made this mistake before more than once!  There is still a lot to do.  This is the season for turning and feeding the soil, attempting to reduce your dock and dandelion crops, and getting ready to plant spring crops.

Squash happy

Super squash (and aubergine) happy

September and October are all about (tasks I’ve done or am doing)

  • planting shallots and garlic
  • composting vegetable plants
  • collecting seeds
  • sowing green manure
  • smiling at your squash harvest
  • transplanting herbs, so they are less over crowded
  • planting strawberry runners
  • eyeing up your neighbours vacant plot
  • planing your next crops
  • making a leaf bin
  • picking autumn bliss raspberries
  • digging up as many docks as humanly possible
  • enjoying the beautiful sunshine and warm weather

On the herbal front

My two herb beds were over eagerly planted last year.  I took very little notice of the potential full size of the plants which resulted in a little over crowding!

Herb Bed 01 (before herb relocation)

  • Purple sage
  • Tricolor sage
  • ‘forgotten its name’ sage
  • Herb Bennett
  • Chives
  • Winter savoury (just put in)
  • Hissop (now relocated)
  • Moroccan mint
  • Eccinachia (just put in)
  • Motherwort
  • Lovage
  • Small oak tree (I know)
  • Thyme (now relocated)
  • Primroses (now relocated)

Herb Bed 02 (before herb relocation)

  • Lemon balm (now relocated)
  • Borrage
  • St Johns Wort
  • Teasel (seeds collected)
  • Ladys Mantle
  • Another Wort
  • Rue
  • Verlarian (now relocated)
  • Angelia (removed)

New homes – Herb bed 03


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